From starting your car with your phone to digital menus in restaurants to having your weekly groceries delivered at the click of a button, we’ve come to expect technology at our fingertips. As the forward-thinking corporate event planner that you are, knowing how to plan for and execute modern trade show technology to market your brand best is a leveling-up skill.  

So how do you determine what kind of tech design to incorporate into your trade show booth?  

And just as importantly, how do you ensure your booth doesn’t go from alluring intrigue to sensory overload (yikes!)?

Be intentional with your trade show technology.

The first step is to determine your purpose. What do you want your trade show technology to portray about your brand?  

  1. Attraction

Trade shows are highly competitive. You need a stimulus that grabs attention quickly. With so many exhibitors, most attendees have a strict agenda, so make sure your booth is captivating enough to persuade them to deviate. The attraction component may focus on visually stunning aesthetics such as colorful, high-definition screens or an interactive LED wall.

  1. Demonstration

The purpose of trade show presence is to expose your brand. Guests aren’t interested if they don't understand your product. Use this to familiarize attendees with your brand through interactive demonstrations. Consider enacting a touchscreen LED wall or a live-action video game.

  1. Education

It’s a battle teachers know all too well: how do you keep students engaged while getting them to LEARN something? Your trade show booth is no different. You want to inform attendees about your brand while also keeping them engaged. Try interactive quizzes on a touch screen or a short, entertaining explainer video.

Keep it simple but not predictable!

There’s a reason that technology budgets are constantly a source of contention with event marketers. They know they’re never going to maintain engagement using the same old tricks and must continue investing in innovative technologies to stay relevant.  

However, keep in mind that the human attention span is short. Here are a few things to consider when strategizing your tech design:  

  • Deliver the message quickly. It’s incredible how fast people can lose interest.
  • Ensure there is a low commitment factor.  
  • Create a tech design that’s compelling enough to stand out amongst the abundant competition.
  • Keep your time-spent expectations realistic.
  • No matter how high quality your technology is, people will lose interest after a certain amount

*Check out some great irl examples from Euroshop 2023 below!*

Use tech to target emotional responses.

With so much competition, the last thing you want is for your guests to become desensitized to digital stimulation. The most impactful commercials and advertising always make you think of loved ones, good times, and other experiences that represent a life you want to live.  

Think of your trade show booth as a real-time commercial. Create an experience that will appeal to your target audience’s emotions. Use this opportunity to connect your brand, this moment, and the life they want to live.  

Use artistic installations to appeal to the senses.

Artistic installations are intriguing and visually appealing. Use imagery to draw people in but don’t forget about the other senses. Consider creating a virtual reality experience that displays a beach simulation that provides a soft breeze or an image of an orange field that produces a faint scent of orange.  

Create a lasting impression.

To create a memorable experience, find a way to extend the encounter beyond the trade show floor by enacting a two-step interaction. Provide a QR code that links prospects to exclusive content or a small gift card or reward. This will gently remind prospects of your brand once the show ends.


Technology has brought us so many great new things in our time, and event planners should capitalize on that to heighten brand awareness. But remember to remain aware of your target audience and be sure they will be receptive to high-tech innovation before you break your budget.  

There are many ways to use trade show technology to create unforgettable and unique experiences for your audience, and finding an exhibit partner is the first step in helping you achieve your goals. Contact us today to brainstorm some tech ideas for your next event!

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