Design Forward Trade Show Booth Portfolio

Premium is our standard. We craft bespoke, high-quality exhibits that are always fresh and tailored for specific audiences, ensuring your brand shines uniquely at every show, unlike the typical worn-out rentals.


The craftsmanship and quality of materials used are top-notch, creating a booth that stands out amidst the crowds. Their communication throughout the process was excellent, and their professionalism truly set them apart from the competition.


The collaboration process with Steelhead is one of the best partnerships that I have ever enjoyed throughout my marketing career! The Steelhead team listens to my needs, understands my brand, and brings the vision to life!


Steelhead knows the industry very well and can support you all along the way. They carefully listen to your needs and come up with creative designs that answer them well and stay within budget, all while holding themselves to a very high production level.


We continue to work with Steelhead because they have a clear, simple process around crafting the right booth design and layout to fit our needs. We’re #ExhibitHappy to have found more than a vendor, but a partner in Steelhead.


The team always has fresh ideas on booth design and is always mindful of staying within the budget provided. From their designs, collaboration, communication, and execution, Steelhead helps make the process of planning a trade show run smoothly.

Affinitiv's Tech Triumph  Award-Winning Design

Partnered since 2022, Affinitiv and Steelhead aimed to make a significant impact at NADA 2024, leveraging our Access Model for a seamless expansion to a larger, tech-forward booth. Our collaboration resulted in a standout booth that earned Affinitiv NADA's 2024 Best Booth Award for Design, Creativity, and Branding.

Exceptional Exhibit Designs

Explore how Steelhead's exhibits use top-notch craftsmanship, integrated lighting, and hospitality design elements to create engaging trade show booths where connections flourish.


Premium Quality

Fit & Finish

Tired, boring trade show booth rentals? Not in our house. Our custom trade show exhibits boast superior craftsmanship with an attention to detail that ensures every aspect, from structure to surface, stands out with refined quality and style.


It’s the Little Things

Attention to Hospitality Details

From floral arrangements to carefully curated furniture and fixtures, our exhibits leverage hospitality design elements to create inviting spaces that resonate with visitors.


Interactive Experiences

Engagement-Driven Design

We craft exhibits that are more than just visually appealing; they're interactive and engaging, designed to captivate attendees and create memorable experiences that linger long after the event.

Critical Trade Show Engagement

Designed with engagement in mind, our exhibits integrate hospitality and quality at every turn to enhance attendee experience and satisfaction.

77 %

of consumers reported increased trust in the brand, following an interaction at a live event.

85 %

of consumers are more likely to purchase after participating in events and experiences.

90 %

of attendees develop more positive feelings about brands after engaging with them at live events.

66 %

of attendees favor brands that incorporate sustainable practices and demonstrate environmental responsibility.

We Do It Differently.

Step into a new era where dynamic design and exceptional quality redefine your event experience. Break free from ownership with Steelhead's reimagined rental trade show exhibits.