Trade Shows: Your Top Lead Generator

Over 40% of marketing experts rank trade shows as the premier channel for lead generation. With the right strategy, these events can drive even greater returns on your investment.

Next-Level Support for Event Marketers 

In a field where over 70% of marketing professionals face high stress and burnout, partnering with Steelhead’s exhibit services means you gain not just expertise but also steadfast support to navigate every challenge of trade show marketing.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our deep understanding of trade show dynamics to tailor a strategy that fits your brand perfectly. Our expert guidance helps pinpoint your KPIs and drive your event objectives.

Enhanced Visibility

With Steelhead, your brand stands out. We design and build eye-catching custom trade show booths that draw attention and perfectly convey your marketing message, leading to memorable interactions.

Measurable Success

Frustrated with the challenge of measuring trade show ROI? We’ll share metrics and evaluation techniques to help you track, understand, and report on every dollar spent.

Cox Automotive Exhibit Evolution

Over the course of four years, Cox Automotive's partnership with Steelhead Productions has evolved, showcasing innovative trade show strategies and dynamic designs. Their journey highlights how strategic trade show exhibit design can dramatically enhance engagement and ROI.

Trade Shows = Sales

Trade shows are the #1 marketing tool that blends digital and personal strategies. Your trade show booth offers unmatched engagement, lead generation, and visibility while showcasing innovation and building trust.

55 %

of event marketers significantly increase their exhibit ROI by opting for rental solutions.

90 %

of attendees report more positive feelings towards brands after participating in their events.

82 %

of trade show attendees make purchasing decisions.

79 %

of trade show attendees’ influence purchasing decisions.

It's Time to Reassess Your Event Program

We developed "The Critical Event Program Assessment" designed to help you deeply reflect on your event program performance. 

Download the assessment today and rate your event program performance in 12 key areas.

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