Rounding out our series on the Values Economy with Steelhead's VP of Sales, Lance Randall, we uncover how B Corp has changed the sales process at Steelhead and how our business model supports brand's sustainability initiatives.

Can you talk about how B Corp has changed the sales process?

It’s something that we always talk about. What we’ve found is that we’re educating people about what B Corp is and what it means.

It’s not widely known to customers that we work with, so Steelhead has become educators of this delineation. Mostly, it’s sharing a lot of things we’re doing that relate to the certification. Our clients tend to be tech and software companies, accounting, auto dealers. They are all less likely to know about B Corp.

The B Corp conversation tends to lead to a match or it doesn't.  

It helps to tie B Corp discussions to success. We have to run a profitable business in order to do more community outreach, more pro bono work, and advance our B Corp goals. Being a profitable business is essential to Steelhead helping clients achieve their goals.  

How does Steelhead’s business model support event producers with sustainability initiatives?

Incredibly well. I can’t think of another exhibit house with the same passion and commitment to the environment. Steelhead is literally built different from others.

We’re going to create less waste than competitors, during the event, and during the whole year. On a daily basis, our business operations are better for the environment.  

We know that we are better for the environment. Most companies cannot show proof of what they’re doing. B Corp helps seal in that environmental commitment.

For clients, our goal is to design an environment that meets stated sales and marketing objectives, which then helps support their sustainability initiatives. Helping make another company more sustainable helps their bottom line and their sustainability activities, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of that process.

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