This post was originally published May 22nd, 2018 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

The trade show floor can be overwhelming. It’s a multisensory experience. Colors. Noises. Smells. It’s difficult to stand out. That’s why you need the perfect booth.

Your exhibit needs to make a splash. It needs to represent the unique elements of your brand. It needs to be fresh for all audiences, at every show. And, it needs to fit within your budget.

Impossible? Not if you consider a custom-designed exhibit rental. Here are 4 reasons a custom rental would be a good fit for you.

1) The Bones Are The Same & Better

At Steelhead, when you decide to rent, you’re choosing to use beMatrix® as the underlying architecture for your booth. It’s highly durable, and entirely customizable for your booth space.

If you bought the same booth, you’d spend 30-35% more and be locked into a specific architecture. Instead when you rent, you can get exactly what you want: a custom-designed for this event, the next event, and the next.

2) Designed for a Specific Moment in Time

Don’t worry. Our design team will use our proven process to ensure your booth fits your needs perfectly. We’ll start with your design input and end with a final concept that you love.

3) Increase Your Flexibility

Each event is a unique opportunity to reach a specific audience in a specific place. So each of these opportunities deserves a unique design and experience. Creating an experience tailored to your specific audience will help you reach your goals.

A flexible exhibit allows you to test new approaches at each event. You can repeat whatever works at the next event. And if something fails, you’re aren’t tied to it. The next event is a chance to start fresh.

Exhibit design is the driving force behind your trade show experience. Renting gives you the flexibility to make sure that experience is customized for each event, rather than being locked into the same exhibit for years.

4) Renting Is Sustainable

Let’s face it, most of us in the trade show industry haven’t focused much on sustainability. There’s a lot of waste built into what we do. Renting allows you to embrace sustainability by reusing your booth’s frame. That’s a massive way to increase the sustainability of your trade show efforts.


If you’re looking for a way to live within your budget and provide a customized experience at each event, renting is probably something you need to explore. It gives you the freedom to design for a unique moment and wow both your customers and your team.

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