LAS VEGAS, Nevada (February 19th, 2024)Steelhead Productions, a premier event, exhibit, and marketing services provider, is proud to announce the publication of its 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report. The report marks the fourth consecutive year of Steelhead's rigorous sustainability data collection and highlights its steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

Key findings from the report underscore Steelhead's impactful strides in sustainability, particularly in significantly reducing gas usage. The company achieved a remarkable 62% reduction in gas usage, contributing to a substantial decrease in scope one emissions. This achievement is noteworthy considering the company's growth, which saw its workforce expand by 31% within the year.

Despite this increase in headcount, Steelhead successfully managed its electricity usage, with an absolute increase of only 2%, while per capita usage decreased. This success is attributed to the diligent efforts of Steelhead employees, who have rigorously adhered to the company’s conservation policy and embody the sustainability ethos in their daily operations.

Steelhead Productions is also leading the way in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the workplace. The 2023 report showcases a company committed to fostering an inclusive environment, with 56% of managers from an ethnic or racial minority, marking a 5% increase over the previous year. Furthermore, 39% of the overall workforce identifies as being from an ethnic or racial minority. Impressively, gender diversity among leadership roles is robust, with 50% of managers identifying as female.  

In addition to its environmental and DEI achievements, Steelhead Productions made remarkable strides in social responsibility through its Give Happy Committee. In 2023, the committee spearheaded a series of initiatives that underscored Steelhead's commitment to giving back to the community. The team collectively contributed 180 volunteer hours and raised over $6,700 in funds. Both the volunteer efforts and funds supported ten different charitable organizations.  

This report also notes that the company diverted nearly 75,000 pounds of waste from the landfill. The Access Model, credited to the exhibit firm’s business model, allows clients to reuse and reconfigure construction materials to create a unique exhibit for every event.  

As the pioneering B Corp-certified exhibit house in North America, Steelhead Productions has set a benchmark for ESG efforts. Eliza Erskine, Principal of Green Buoy Consulting and Steelhead’s sustainability consultant, stated: "Steelhead's commitment to sustainability is not just a one-off initiative; it's a core part of the company’s identity. Our multi-year dedication and triple bottom line ethos demonstrate that achieving business growth is possible without compromising environmental stewardship and social responsibility."

Steelhead is excited about the new opportunities to further its ESG commitments. With increasing client interest in sustainability, Steelhead is poised to lead by example, showcasing how trade show booths can contribute positively to the environment. The company’s internal sustainability committee continues to engage employees across the organization, embedding sustainable practices into every aspect of operations.

“Our 2023 ESG report encapsulates Steelhead's ethos: we are a company that strives for continual improvement,” said Rhiannon Andersen, Chief Marketing Officer and co-owner of Steelhead. “We are driven by the conviction that the path to a successful and responsible business lies in integrating environmental stewardship, social commitment, and transparent governance. This report reflects our dedication to pioneering positive change in the trade show industry, the Las Vegas community, and beyond.”

As Steelhead embarks on the journey of B Corp recertification, it remains committed to measuring and improving its comprehensive carbon footprint, exploring carbon offset opportunities, and fostering collaborations with other B Corps in Las Vegas and Nevada.  

View their full 2023 ESG report here.

About Steelhead Productions

Steelhead Productions designs and produces branded environments for trade shows and other temporary marketing events. Our company and services exist to support the brand’s event marketing professionals. We believe we are in the Human-to-Human business rather than the more typical B2B model. Event marketers constantly seek innovative strategies to elevate their brands using live marketing events. Doing so consistently promotes their success and shines a light on the brand and the brilliant marketing minds behind them—our customers.

This press release was originally featured on EIN Presswire.

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