The event exhibit and marketing services firm won first place in the competitive Small Business category in Top Workplaces Nevada, along with winning the New Ideas award.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (Oct 27, 2020)—Steelhead Productions, a premier live and digital event marketing services company, has ranked in first-place in Nevada’s Top Workplaces, small business category.

Earlier this month, Top Workplaces Nevada announced the 2020 winners in three different size categories, the small business category being the most competitive. Helix Electric won in the category of 500 or more employees. Encompass Health — Home Health Hospice won in the category of 150 to 499. Steelhead Productions won in the category of fewer than 150 employees.

The organization recognizes businesses of 35 employees or more across the state in all sectors for their organizational health and employee engagement. Top Workplaces Nevada partnered with The Las Vegas Review-Journal and Business Press in collaboration with Energage to analyze companies from all sectors across the state. 755 businesses invited their employees to take the anonymous survey.  

The results demonstrate the strong, employee-centric culture of Steelhead. Steelhead also won the special New Ideas award, based on standout scores for employee responses to specific statements in the survey. Steelhead employees had exceptionally high scores when asked if “new ideas are encouraged at this company.”

"I have had the privilege to work for Steelhead for 10 years now and this award just proves what I’ve known since I started – Steelhead is an AWESOME place to work!" said Amy Cimpan, Client Services Manager.  

Jose Chavez, Production Engineering Manager, had this to say, "Working for Steelhead has been an amazing journey. Great leadership, an amazing culture, and a clear defined vision provides alignment and purpose for all employees. It's more than just a workplace, it's a place where you can grow personally and professionally."  

Sean Combs, Steelhead’s CEO, mirrored that sentiment and said that what makes Steelhead a top workplace is that it’s a value-driven company that’s clear on its purpose. All companies say they have values and a mission statement, but Steelhead uses that as a constant filter for decision-making.

“When you constantly refer to how a decision is supported by values and a purpose, it makes for a safe place for workers to do their absolute best. COVID reinforced our values. We haven’t generated our typical revenue and yet we just participated in two Make-A-Wish Foundation events with our team over the last couple of weeks. We give our employees’ purpose,” said Combs.

Bob Helbig, media partnerships director with Energage said “With the COVID environment we are in, there are a lot of companies that are eager to get recognition for what they’re doing for their employees and customers. Companies are having to do extraordinary things to meet the demands of their employees and meet the demands of their customers. They’re innovating. Companies that have really strong cultures of two-way communication are going to do much better to survive all of this craziness.”

To view the press release announcing the Top Workplaces Nevada awards, see the recent story in The Las Vegas Business Press.

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