Imagine the final hours of an event, when cheap swag and unread pamphlets begin to overflow from garbage cans all around the show floor. Estimates peg the trade show industry as one of the most wasteful in the world, creating over 600,000 tons of garbage every year.

Unwanted swag aren’t the only things that are getting tossed in that giant trash pile. One of the most significant sources of event waste is the booth itself.

When brands buy booths, it’s common only to use them a few times before they get tossed. Why? Because reusing the same booth year after year doesn’t reflect updated marketing goals, brand messaging, or current trends.

We believe there's a better solution.

Renting Supports Sustainability

When you rent an event space, you’re supporting sustainability by reusing elements year after year. But that doesn’t mean you’re committing to a stale design. The opposite is true.

By renting, you can make a custom rental exhibit year after year. So you never show up to an event with the same tired design. That flexibility isn’t possible if you purchase a booth ...unless you are buying a new booth every year and trashing the old one to boot.

Reusable Materials

Another way to support sustainability is by utilizing reusable materials that don’t negatively impact the environment. For example, instead of plywood structural pieces, you could use aluminum framing that can be adjusted and reassembled in countless combinations.

Sustainable Swag

Beyond renting, you can boost your sustainability score by cutting down on the smaller pieces of waste that always end up in the trash, like printed catalogs and pamphlets. By switching to digital materials, you can share information with clients without having to waste paper. And as far as swag goes, aim for items that won’t just get tossed in the trash. Instead of a thousand cheaper smaller items, consider a larger item that you can raffle off. It’s not only more sustainable, but it’s also a way to engage attendees with an exciting event.

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