LAS VEGAS, Nevada (June 22nd, 2023)Steelhead Productions, a premier event, exhibit, and marketing services provider, is pleased to announce the success of its recent Future Leaders event. One of Steelhead’s company culture principles is that employees’ families are a critical component of the team culture. Employees brought their children into the office for the day to help them gain an understanding of how their parents contribute to the trade show and live marketing events industry.

Steelhead’s goal was to elevate the typical “Bring Your Child to Work Day” by entertaining and educating these future leaders about the company. In total, 12 children participated in the event. The schedule included a tour of the facility and spent time visiting each department to get a feel for their responsibilities. Each department explained its role in the company and lead interactive activities for the group to participate in for deeper understanding. There was story-telling in Marketing, coloring, and Lego activities in the Design department, a “build your own ukulele” project in the Production department, and more. As the day progressed, each child filled up their “Steelhead passport” by receiving a stamp in each department so that by the end of the day, they were an official Junior Steelheader. The day, of course, was not complete without a pizza party complete, with music and a bounce house.  

Looking on as Pablito shows them the ropes on CAD detailing

Successful company events like this require significant planning and dedication. Isabela Roldan, Steelhead’s Marketing Assistant, said it took over a month to organize, a dedicated budget, and numerous volunteers to make this exciting day happen. But the result was extremely rewarding for all involved.  

“When you spend most of your time at the workplace, it can be hard to find balance. Our peoples’ people are important to us, and we want the families of Steelheaders to understand that’s a critical component of our company culture. Whatever’s important to them should be important to us within our culture and workplace,” said Roldan.

Allowing Steelheaders’ children to spend a day with them at work encourages kids to think about their future and their careers. They learned about the trade show industry as an option while also exposing them to what an inclusive and values-based working environment looks like.

Hear from a few Steelheaders and their children firsthand:

“It feels great to have Steelhead include our family into our culture, specifically with this event, my child gets the opportunity to learn about what I do and experience myself and the team working in a healthy, enjoyable environment.”, said Omar Jimenez, Business Development Executive.  

Omar’s daughter Maya, age 5, shared her favorite part of the day “My favorite part was spending the day with my dad at work. I also liked coloring our banjos and playing in the bounce house with the other kids.”

Building ukuleles with the team!

Jose Chavez, Manager of Production and Engineering, who has been with Steelhead for just over 9 years, said, “It's great having Steelhead include families in our events and getting to see our kids have fun and learn about what we do. It's also been awesome seeing all the kids grow up throughout the years.”  

Jose’s daughter Nixie was just 5 when Jose started with the company; now 14, she and her little sister both got to enjoy the day with the other kids. “I really enjoyed spending the day with my dad at work. I found it very interesting how each unique department works together to create these incredible trade shows. My favorite part of the day was definitely building ukuleles and legos because it allowed all of us to show our creativity.”

Steelhead believes that its team cannot thrive unless their families are a part of the equation, and it's important to ensure their employees know their loved ones are a part of the team as well. Steelhead continues to be family-inclusive by planning annual events that include employees’ significant others and their children.

About Steelhead Productions

Steelhead Productions designs and produces branded environments for trade shows and other temporary marketing events. Our company and services exist to support the brand’s event marketing professionals. We believe we are in the Human-to-Human business rather than the more typical B2B model. Event marketers constantly seek innovative strategies to elevate their brands using live marketing events. Doing so consistently promotes their success and shines a light on the brand and the brilliant marketing minds behind them—our customers.

This press release was originally featured on EIN Presswire.

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