Isn’t it time to Exhibit Happy?

Welcome to Steelhead (virtually)–a wild yet extremely capable group of people in Las Vegas designing, building, servicing, and storing trade show exhibits and having a blast in the process. Hey we know, it’s serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. You need attention, support, and results right? Of course you do, we also think you deserve to Exhibit Happy………always.

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Ask about our Guaranteed Pricing.

Ever had someone build you something or provide a service only to have the final bill come out higher than expected leaving you to think what the heck? Well, call us old fashioned (actually, don’t call us that), but we think that when we give you a price that we should do it for exactly that price. We know- weird huh? Events are full of variables but your budget is not one of them, so we tell you what everything will cost, before the show- no guess work, no estimating, no addendums afterwards. We tried to call it something creative but settled on Guaranteed Pricing- sometimes simple wins.

yes this is for real, contact us to exhibit happy

What our clients say....


“loved working with Steelhead. It was nice to have a ”middle man” to help troubleshoot and organize the logistics with the show and labor companies. Michelle was a fantastic project manager. She made our small booth seem just as important as an elaborate build-out. I will recommend Steelhead to other colleagues and look for opportunities to work with them again.”

– Erin Lemons, Event Manager: Sage


“Amazing creativity and execution while working within our budget.”

- Robin Letourneau, Associate Brand Manager: World Kitchen, LLC

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